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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to the Senior Center’s most commonly asked questions.

The Center offers a variety of healthy living programs and activities, the descriptions and times of which can be found on our monthly activities calendar. You can also find information in the classes and activities section of our webpage. In addition, the Senior Center offers complete wrap around social, human, and transportation services.

We release our calendar every two months located within our bimonthly newsletter. Our programs and classes follow regular schedules and almost never change times from month to month.


The Senior Center provides programming for active and independent seniors. We are open daily, Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm. We can provide long term care and home and community services based services information to you from our trained counselors.


There is a small membership fee to join the Center. Anyone 55 and over is welcome. In order to join, a membership form needs to be completed. We also have a congregate meal site, serving lunch Monday through Friday. If you are 60 and over, you qualify for this program. Please see the Cafe Dining section.

We require each person to be capable of caring for themselves and be fully independent. We do not have medical staff. 

We are pleased to have two shuttle vans, providing transportation to the senior center to attend programming, to go grocery shopping, and perform errands of daily living, and on special trips for persons who live in the City of Pawtucket. Reservation requests should be scheduled at lease one day in advance and coordinated with the transportation manager. 

For transportation to medical appointments, contact MTM Transportation at 1-855-330-9131.

For more details about our transportation program, go to our transportation page or call 401-725-8220 for full details.

A: There is a list of resources on our page. If you need further help, please do not hesitate to contact our caseworkers at 401-728-7582.


Volunteers play an essential role in the enhancement of programs and services provided by the Senior Services Division and interested individuals are highly encourages to participate. 


The Senior Center is an accessible facility offering programs designed for the independently functioning older adults. Participating individuals should adhere to center policies, dress code, and rules of conduct to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all center members. 


To become eligible to attend the Senior Center and participate in services such as programs, individuals must be age 55 and over to attend the Center’s programs and activities and over age 60 to dines at the meal site and obtain counseling services. For Social and Human Services, a person needs to be Medicare eligible.

To become registered, interested individuals should visit the Center to complete an application. 


There is no cost for eligible seniors to participate in activities, services, resources—except for Tai Chi ($10 monthly) and Yoga ($10 monthly). There is a suggested donated of $3 for each meal and a nominal fee to participate in special trips or lunches outside the Senior Center.