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Mayor Donald R. Grebien

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Sewer Emergencies

Learn what to do in the event of a sewer emergency. 

What Do I Do If My Sewer Backs Up?

This is a question a person hopes never to have to ask, but if it happens, knowing how to proceed should save money and aggravation.

Responsibility for maintaining flow in your sewer line is shared between you and the City. The Sewer Use Ordinance requires the Department of Public Works to maintain the sewer mains in the street. As a courtesy, The city will repair a broken or cracked sewer lateral between the curb line and the sewer main. All other blockages or broken pipes are the responsibility of the property owner. Please call a local plumber first if this may be the problem area.

If your Sewer line is blocked beyond that point, call the city sewer dept. at (401) 728-0500 ext. 233. See hours. After hours and weekends call the police or fire department and they will contact a sewer department representative who will follow up on your complaint. The sewer department representative will let you know if you need a plumber to solve your problem.

If you have any questions, please call: (401) 728-0500 Ext. 233