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Mayor Donald R. Grebien

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Micromobility Scooter Pilot Program

Learn more about our micromobility scooter program.

The City of Pawtucket has explored the option of providing micromobility for its resident and visitors. With the current construction of the Commuter Rail Station scheduled to open later this year and the start of construction of the new Tidewater Landing Riverfront Development, the Administration is announcing the electric scooter pilot program. This has been a work in progress for a few years now that was unfortunately delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic. If you are a potential operator or would like to know the rules and regulations associated with the program, please click on the button below.

If you are a vendor and would like to apply to participate in the Micromobility Scooter Program, please complete the application button below and submit it back to the Director of Public Works.