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Mayor Donald R. Grebien

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Contact: Grace Voll
The City of Pawtucket and City Councilors host Mother’s Day Events throughout May
PAWTUCKET – Throughout May, the City of Pawtucket, along with Mayor Donald R. Grebien, Director of Commerce Sandra Cano, and Councilors Yesenia Rubio, Marlena Martins-Stachowiak, and Neicy Coderre, hosted three Mother’s Day-related events in partnership with local businesses.
“When the Councilors and Director Cano approached me with this idea, I immediately agreed,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “My mom and my wife, Laureen, are two of the strongest women I know, and I am thankful for their contributions to my family. Although May and Mother’s Day have passed, let’s continue celebrating our mothers every day.”
The first event, “Nurture and Namaste,” was a wonderful evening of yoga and nutrition, hosted by Shri Yoga and open to the public.
Commerce Director Sandra Cano highlighted the importance of recognizing motherly figures and supporting local businesses. “As a mom of two and the Commerce Director for Pawtucket, I want to personally thank Allison from Shri Yoga and Rachael from Paint and Vino, as well as Matos Bakery, for participating in these events.”
The second and third events, “Paint and Pastries,” took place at Doyle and Fogarty Manors. Residents were invited to participate in a painting course hosted by Paint and Vino and enjoy delicious pastries from Matos Bakery.
“As a mom of three young children, I understand the importance of balance and self-care.” said Councilor Marlena Martins-Stachowiak, “It was crucial for us as mothers on the council to plan these events for motherly figures in our community to have that dedicated time for themselves.”
“I’m incredibly grateful to be a mom. I am grateful to the mayor and my fellow council women for helping to participate in these events, “said Councilor Yesenia Rubio. “As we approached and celebrated Mother’s Day a few weeks back, I found it planned and executed three separate events for our motherly figures in the community while also celebrating our small businesses.”
Councilor Neicy Coderre added “These events highlight the resilience and strength of our mothers. As a community, we must continue to uplift and appreciate them beyond just one day.”
The Mayor, Director, and Councilors look forward to hosting these events in the years to come.