City of Pawtucket


Mayor Donald R. Grebien

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The Pawtucket Fire Department provides emergency medical services with its four frontline advance life support rescues. Fire fighters are trained to provide EMT-Cardiac and Paramedic levels of care. The fire fighters on the engines and ladder trucks also have the same level of EMT training as their coworkers on the rescues. Those trucks will also respond with the rescue if the call is severe or more help is needed on scene. Likewise, the personnel assigned to the rescue are trained fire fighters and can act as such when needed.

The Emergency Medical Division is headed by a rescue chief and rescue director. They oversee the department’s EMS activities.

Medical Information Sheet

Help fire fighters help you by having a medical information sheet filled out and ready for fire fighters to read. Click here, then print and fill it out, and then place on your refrigerator or keep in your purse / wallet.

Disposal of Medicines and Needles

The fire department does not take unused medications and used needles. To dispose of medical waste please see the RI Department of Health’s webpage on the subject –