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Mayor Donald R. Grebien

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City of Pawtucket Re-Establishes Neighborhood Task Force Program to Tackle Quality-of-Life Issues
Asking Neighborhood Residents to Come be Certified to Cite Properties


PAWTUCKET – The City of Pawtucket’s Division of Zoning and Code Enforcement, and Mayor Donald R. Grebien, have announced the reinstitution of the Neighborhood Task Force Program.
The initiative will certify volunteer residents to assist the Code Enforcement Division in citing properties that are blighted, rundown, decayed, or not adhering to City codes and ordinances.

“Residents of Pawtucket deserve to live in clean environments and maintained
neighborhoods,” said Mayor Grebien. “The City recognizes that there are quality of life concerns
in some of our neighborhoods, and the community needs your help. Working together, the City
will work to get ahead in identifying the problem properties on our streets and enforcing

This program will allow residents to be certified to anonymously cite any property not adhering to the City codes and ordinances. Other examples of citations will be identifying vacant properties, high grass, excessive weeds, and debris. Volunteers will be prohibited from conducting interior inspections.

Only task force members will be allowed to inspect, no additional persons will be allowed to join. Volunteers will be supplied with identification and other basic materials to assist them in their work.

The program is set to start effective immediately and take place through the summer, ending in early fall. Former Director of Zoning, William Vieria, will be assisting in the program, taking on a part time role with the city, alongside current Director of Zoning, Carl Johnson.

Any resident looking to get involved, can email their name and contact information to [email protected] or call 401-728-0500. After applying, residents will be expected to take part in a small interview process. There will be a limited number of spots available.