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Mayor Donald R. Grebien

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Pawtucket, RI — A heartfelt thank you goes out to Councilor Neicy Coderre and the dedicated neighbors of Sunset Park for their relentless efforts in arranging the park’s new signage. This initiative ensures that the park is properly recognized and accessible, enhancing the community experience for all Pawtucket residents.

In a resolution passed by the City Council, it was noted that the small passive park on Summit Street, adjacent to Route 95 North in the Quality Hill neighborhood, was built in 2017. At a meeting of the Quality Hill Neighborhood Association in September 2017, the name “Sunset Park” was selected for the park.

Although the name was announced at the park’s opening, it had not been officially dedicated by the City Council until now. The Quality Hill Neighborhood Association’s request for a sign was contingent upon this official dedication. The resolution has enabled the Department of Public Works to proceed with erecting the sign.

This effort marks a significant step in recognizing and enhancing one of Pawtucket’s community spaces.